About Us

Innovative Art. Revolutionary Technology. Welcome to Dinya.

Dinya represents the powerful fusion of art and technology. We are convinced that the combination of NFTs, Web3, augmented reality, and artificial intelligence has the potential to fundamentally change the way we create, experience, and distribute art.

Digitization not only gives us new perspectives and opportunities for interaction, but also unique tools to create and experience art in completely new ways. We see the art world not just as a place of observation, but as a space that invites experimentation, learning, and growth.

But Dinya is more than just an approach to art. We also want to help businesses, institutions, municipalities, and NGOs understand these new technologies and use them to their advantage. Our goal is to empower people to create great things and accompany them on their journey to change the world.

Our business model ensures that all participants receive a fair share of the successes. Because we believe that the pie is big enough to share fairly. With Dinya, we have created a platform that democratizes the art world and ensures equality and justice.


Dinya should change the art world in the long term. This requires a plan. And many small steps. You can see here which ones we currently have planned for the near and medium-term future.

Genesis Collections

More than just art objects.

The Genesis Collections are more than pure art objects. Owners of NFTs from one of the two collections become Silver Circle members. This means that in future they will have early access to NFT Collections released by Dinya.

But that's not all. The Genesis collections are also fund collections. This means that owners will participate in the Dinya fund (see below).

Dinya Fund

An investment in the future

Collecting art and investing in the future at the same time? The Dinya Fund makes this possible: A share of the proceeds from many collection published on Dinya goes to the Dinya Fund.

Selected collections marked as "Fonds Collection" allow the holders of their NFTs access to the Dinya fund. This means that whoever is the holder of an NFT from one of the fund collections at a specified point in time will participate in the distribution.

Mobile App

The digital art world in your pocket.

Gallery, wallet, virtual museum: With the Dinya app we are breaking new ground in terms of access to digital art. Buy, sell and present your NFTs, meet other art enthusiasts in the Metaverse or accompany artists virtually during their creative process.


The place for your NFTs. To collect, show, trade.

Don't feel like going through MetaMask or Coinbase anymore? Cryptocurrencies are too complicated for you? With the Dinya Wallet you will not only be able to store and manage your NFTs in one place in the future, you will also get a display that refers to the collecting genuine art.

And the best thing is: With the Dinya Wallet you can easily buy NFTs with real money. No more annoying and cumbersome purchase and transfer of cryptocurrencies - payment is made in a few clicks via Paypal or credit card.

Dinya Foundation

The foundation for the promotion of young artists.

With the charitable organization Dinya Foundation, we support needy, talented young people from all over the world with scholarships to fulfill their dream of studying art. The foundation is financed by proceeds from the sale (or resale) of an NFT through Dinya arise.


The most exciting way to experience NFT art live.

Come together... Dinya builds the bridge from the digital space back to the physical world. Experience the unique works of our artists in the most incredible places - including the supporting program and special appearances.


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Marcel Gregory Stock


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Matthias Fenz


Jens Päpke


Michéle Victor-Adamski